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......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ vim hosts.cfg
ansible -m ping WAS
You should see something like this:
![Tux, the Linux mascot](./files/ping.png)
4. Ensure that the WAS server has the public **IP** address, ***(or is **NATed** in public **IP**)*** and **TCP** ports **80,443** are accessable from the internet.
5. Ensure that the **FQDN** of **WAS** ***(configured as a combination of **`was_server_hostname`** and **`was_server_domainname`** variables in **`vars/main.yml`**)*** has the **DNS** record of type **A** and resolves to the public **IP** of the **WAS** itself, which is set in **hosts.cfg** file under the **`[WAS]`** section.
In our case we have:
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