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Update wifimon-aget default version to 1.5.0

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# Password variable values below are just examples. Don not use them in production! Set your own secure passwords!
# Uncoment and set variable elasticsearch_kibana_version below if you wish to install specific versions of elasticsearch/kibana/logstash. These 3 packages will be prevent from being upgraded. The value of this variable can be float, or complex version number. For example 7.16, or 7.16.1. Currently only elasticsearch/kibana/logstash versions 7.x are supported. If you do not define this variable, latest 7.x version packages will be installed. Due to log4j vulnerability please don't use elasticsearch/logstash version lower than 7.16.1.
#elasticsearch_kibana_version: 7.16.1
#elasticsearch_kibana_version: 7.16.2
# Please set the value of variable <wifimon_agent_version> below to 1.4.0 or higher. This playbook will not work with older versions
wifimon_agent_version: 1.4.1
wifimon_agent_version: 1.5.0
# It is necessary to set following variable (postgresl_version). Leave it to default value if you are not sure, or you do not requere any specific version of PostgreSQL
postgresql_version: 14
# Do not forgot to set value of following variable to PostgreSQL servers address if you use multi node installation method. For all-in-one installation it must be localhost
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