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......@@ -4,27 +4,24 @@ playbook for perfSONAR deployment and config
Clone this repository:
git clone git@github.com:epcjr/ansible-perfsonar-deploy.git
cd ansible-perfsonar-deploy
git clone git@github.com:perfsonar/ansible-playbook-perfsonar.git
cd ansible-playbook-perfsonar
Get the required roles (note that we ignore errors so we can run this multiple times):
ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml --ignore-errors
Set up your invintory:
Set up your invintory. Connection variables can be added here as well.
vi invintory/hosts
Set up perfSONAR variables:
Set up perfSONAR variables by running the defaults.sh script and then editing them:
vi inventory/group_vars/all/perfsonar.yml
vi inventory/group_vars/all/*
Set up connection variables (might need to handle vault secrets):
vi inventory/group_vars/all/login.yml
Run the playbook:
ansible-playbook --ask-vault-pass perfsonar.yml
ansible-playbook perfsonar.yml
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